Valencian verb conjugation

Valencian is a regional language spoken all over the Valencian Community in Spain. It is a romance language spoken by more than 2 Million people. The verbs are divided in different conjugations according to the infinitive ending: -ar (cantar), -er (córrer), -re (batre), and -ir (finir). Like in other Romance languages, most verbs are regular (and in Valencian follow -ar conjugation) but also include a big number of irregular verbs.

Conjugate a Valencian Verb

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Special Features of Valencian Verbs

The Valencian is very close to the Catalan language. Here's a list of differences in verb morphology between the languages:
  • For verbs ending in -ar, the first person indicative present ends in -e. In Catalan the ending is -o.
  • Present subjunctive endings; -ar infinitives endings have e, -re, -er and -ir verbs have endings have a. In catalan subjunctive endings have i.
  • Past subjunctive endings have ara



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