Italian verb conjugation

Italian is the national language of Italy. It is a Romance language proceeding from the Latin. Italian is spoken in Italy and Switzerland by 60 million native speakers.

Conjugate an Italian Verb

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Verb notes

Italian verbs are divided into four conjugation groups according to the ending of the infinitive: 1. -are (e.g., amare 'love'), 2. -ere (temere 'fear', stress on the ending), 3. -ere (e.g., perdere 'lose', stress on the root vowel) and 4. -ire (e.g., capire 'understand'). Two of the groups end in -ere, the difference is in the stress. (Cf. Romanian)

There are some verbs ending in -rre, e.g., porre 'put'. These and dire 'say' and fare 'make' belong to the 3rd conjugation. Most of the irregular verbs are in the 3rd group.