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Featured Text: Dom Casmurro
A book by Machado de Assis.

Portuguese: I. . Do titulo.. . Uma noite destas, vindo da cidade para o Engenho Novo, encontrei no trem da Central um rapaz aqui do bairro, que eu conheço de vista e de chapéo. Comprimentou -me, sentou -se ao pé de mim, falou da lua e dos ministros, e acabou recitando -me versos. A viagem era curta, e os versos póde ser que não fossem inteiramente maus. Succedeu, porém, que como eu estava cançado, fechei os olhos tres ou quatro vezes; tanto bastou para que elle interrompesse a leitura e mettesse os versos no bolso..


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Featured Text: The Nebuly Coat
A book by John Meade Falkner.

Japanese: プロローグ ~~~ . 鉄道駅舎、教育施設、教会堂を建造、著述家にて古美術商、さらにファークワー・アンド・ファークワー商会の共同経営者であるジョージ・ファークワー准男爵は、自分のことばに重みを持たせようと、事務室の椅子にそり返り、くるりと横をむいた。彼の前にはカラン大聖堂の修復工事に監督として送られる部下が立った。.
English: PROLOGUE.. Sir George Farquhar, Baronet, builder of railway-stations, and institutes, and churches, author, antiquarian, and senior partner of Farquhar and Farquhar, leant back in his office chair and turned it sideways to give more point to his remarks. Before him stood an understudy, whom he was sending to superintend the restoration work at Cullerne Minster..


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Verb conjugation is the creation of derived forms of a verb from its principal parts by inflection. Principal parts is sometimes the infinitive like "cantar" in Spanish, but it can also be verb theme like "skriva - skrev -skrivit" in Swedish. Read more...