Afrikaans verb conjugation

Afrikaans is a Germanic language, spoken in the South African Republic. Afrikaans, or Cape Dutch, is principally derived from the South Holland dialect of mid-17th-century Dutch settlers in South Africa.

Conjugate an Afrikaans Verb

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Afrikaans gained loanwords from English, French, and German (through settlers) and from African languages and underwent grammatical simplification (for example, verb tense endings were dropped). Phonetic changes also occurred: sch- became sk- (Dutch schoen; Afrik. skoen, “shoes”), final t was lost after some consonants, and so forth.

Until the mid-19th century Afrikaans was a spoken language only; Standard Dutch was used for writing. A movement then arose to make Afrikaans a literary language. It was gradually used in newspapers, schools, and churches, and in 1925 it officially replaced Standard Dutch.