Where on earth do they speak Kaingang?

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Language: Kaingang
Number of speakers: 18000
Language code: kgp
Alternate names: Bugre, Caingang, Coroado, Coroados, Kaingang
Where spoken: Brazil

More Information

  • Language classification: Jean, Southern, Kaingang
  • Dialects: Central Kaingang, Paraná Kaingang, Southeast Kaingang, Southwest Kaingang
  • Also spoken in:
  • Region: São Paulo: north of Paranapena river on 3 reservations; Paraná: between Paranapena and Iguaçu rivers, 9 reservations; Santa Catarina: between Iguaçu and Uruguay rivers, 8 reservations; Rio Grande do Sul: south of the Uruguay river with the southeast dialect on 5 reservations east of Passo Fundo river, and the southwest dialect on 7 reservations; also east of Passo Fundo river and on the outskirts of important cities in Rio Grande do Sul. Scattered locations.