Where on earth do they speak Kabardian?

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Language: Kabardian
Number of speakers: 516000
Language code: kbd
Alternate names: Beslenei, East Circassian, Kabard, Kabardian, Kabardino-Cherkes, Kabardo-Cherkess, Upper Circassian
Where spoken: Russia, Turkey

More Information

  • Language classification: North Caucasian, West Caucasian, Circassian
  • Dialects: Baksan, Beslenei, Beslenej, Cherkes, Greater Kabardian, Kuban, Lesser Kabardian, Malka, Mozdok
  • Also spoken in: Germany, Jordan, Russian Federation, Syria, United States
  • Region: Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and Karachay-Cherkessia Province. Also in Germany, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, United States.