Where on earth do they speak Jola-Kasa?

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Language: Jola-Kasa
Number of speakers: 45100
Language code: csk
Alternate names: Bácuki, Casa, Diola-Kasa, Jóola-Kaasa, Jóola-Kasa, Jola-Kasa
Where spoken: Senegal

More Information

  • Language classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Atlantic, Northern, Bak, Jola, Jola Proper, Jola Central, Jola-Kasa
  • Dialects: Ayun, Bliss, Esulalu, Esuulaalur, Fluvial, Huluf, Mlomp South, Niomoun, Oussouye, Selek
  • Also spoken in: Gambia
  • Region: Oussouye area, north to Casamance river, bounded by Kamobeul Bolôn tributary east, Kachiouane Bolôn west; Hitou and Niamoun villages north of Casamance river. Also in Gambia.