Where on earth do they speak Ikposo?

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Language: Ikposo
Number of speakers: 155000
Language code: kpo
Alternate names: Akposo, Akposso, Ikposo, Kposo
Where spoken: Ghana, Togo

More Information

  • Language classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kwa, Left Bank, Kposo-Ahlo-Bowili
  • Dialects: Amou Oblou, Badou, Ikponu, Iwi, Litime, Logbo, Uma, Uwi
  • Also spoken in:
  • Region: Plateaux Region, Amou, Wawa, and Ogou prefectures, west of Atakpamé, mostly in Amlamé, Amou-Oblo, and Atakpamé. Also in Ghana (Akposo).