Where on earth do they speak Iceve-Maci?

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Language: Iceve-Maci
Number of speakers: 7000
Language code: bec
Alternate names: Bacheve, Bechere, Becheve, Iceve-Maci, Icheve, Ocebe, Oceve, Ochebe, Ocheve, Utse, Utser, Utseu
Where spoken: Cameroon, Nigeria

More Information

  • Language classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Benue-Congo, Bantoid, Southern, Tivoid
  • Dialects: Akwaya Motom, Baceve, Bacheve, Bechere, Becheve, Beheve, Icheve, Ihekwot, Kwaya, Maci, Matchi, Motom, Motomo, Olit, Olithi, Oliti, Oliti-Akwaya
  • Also spoken in:
  • Region: South West Region, Manyu division, north and south of Akwaya town. Also in Nigeria.