Where on earth do they speak Guaraní, Ava?

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Language: Guaraní, Ava
Number of speakers: 2060
Language code: nhd
Alternate names: Apytare, Ava, Ava Guaraní, Ñandeva, Chiripá, Guaraní, Guaraní, Ava, Nandeva, Nhandeva, Tsiripá, Txiripá
Where spoken: Brazil, Paraguay

More Information

  • Language classification: Tupian, Tupí-Guaraní, Guaraní, Guaraní
  • Dialects: Apapocuva
  • Also spoken in: Argentina
  • Region: East Paraguay, Central, Canindeyú, Alto Paraná, Caaguazú, Concepción, and Amambay departments. Also in Argentina (Chiripá), Brazil (Chiripá).