Where on earth do they speak Fulfulde, Maasina?

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Language: Fulfulde, Maasina
Number of speakers: 1000000
Language code: ffm
Alternate names: Fulbe, Fulfulde, Maasina, Maacina, Macina, Peul
Where spoken: Mali

More Information

  • Language classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Atlantic, Northern, Senegambian, Fula-Wolof, Fula, West Central
  • Dialects: Eastern Macina, Western Macina
  • Also spoken in: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana
  • Region: Widespread in central Mali; Koulikoro Region, Sikasso except southwest regions, Segou except southeast; Mopti Region north of Mopti city; Toumbouctou Region, Youvarou, Niafunke, Dire, and Gourma-Rharous circles. Also in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana.