Where on earth do they speak Dinka, Southeastern?

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Language: Dinka, Southeastern
Number of speakers: 250000
Language code: dks
Alternate names: Bor, Dinka, Southeastern, Eastern Dinka
Where spoken: South Sudan

More Information

  • Language classification: Nilo-Saharan, Eastern Sudanic, Nilotic, Western, Dinka-Nuer, Dinka
  • Dialects: Athoc, Athoic, Atoc, Bor, Bor Athoic, Bor Gok, Borathoi, Ghol, Narreweng, Nyarueng, Nyarweng, Tuic, Twi
  • Also spoken in: Canada, Sudan
  • Region: Jonglei State, Bor South and Twic East counties. Also in Canada.