Where on earth do they speak Bandial?

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Language: Bandial
Number of speakers: 11200
Language code: bqj
Alternate names: Bandial, Banjaal, Eegima, Eegimaa
Where spoken: Senegal

More Information

  • Language classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Atlantic, Northern, Bak, Jola, Jola Proper, Jola Central, Gusilay
  • Dialects: Affiniam, Bandial, Elun, Hulon, Kujireray, Kuluunaay
  • Also spoken in:
  • Region: Affiniam, Badiate-Grand, Bandial, Batinier, Brin, Elubalir, Enampor, Essil, Etama, Kamobeul, and Seleky villages on a peninsula bounded by the Casamance river north, the Komobeul BĂ´lon river west, Ziguinchor-Oussouye road south, and Brin-Nyassia road east. The only village north of the Casamance River is Affiniam. Also in Gambia.