Where on earth do they speak Arabic, Chadian Spoken?

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Language: Arabic, Chadian Spoken
Number of speakers: 896100
Language code: shu
Alternate names: Arabe Choa, Arabic, Chadian Spoken, Arabic, Shuwa, Chad Arabic, Chadian Arabic, Chadian Spoken Arabic, Chadic Arabic, Choa, Chowa, L'arabe du Tchad, Shoa, Shoa Arabic, Shua, Shua Arabic, Shuwa, Shuwa Arabic, Suwa
Where spoken: Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria

More Information

  • Language classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic
  • Dialects:
  • Also spoken in: Central African Republic
  • Region: Salamat, Ouaddaï, and Wadi Fira regions, Batha Region center and west, much of Chari-Baguirmi Region; Mayo-Kebbi; north Tandjilé Region; Guéra Region. Also in Cameroon (Shuwa Arabic), Central African Republic (Shuwa Arabic), Niger (Shuwa Arabic), Nigeria (Shuwa Arabic).