Welsh Verb Conjugator

Welsh (Cymraeg or y Gymraeg is a member of the Brythonic branch of Celtic spoken natively in Wales (Cymru), in England by some along the Welsh border, and in the Chubut Valley, a Welsh immigrant colony in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

In spoken Welsh, verb inflection is indicated primarily by the use of auxiliary verbs, rather than by the inflection of the main verb. In literary Welsh, inflection of the main verb is usual.

Conjugate a Welsh Verb

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Top 10 Welsh Verbs Conjugated

  1. canu
  2. bod
  3. adara
  4. actio
  5. achub
  6. addef
  7. caru
  8. gwneud
  9. Aberu
  10. Seisnigo
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