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Romanian is spoken by 26 million native speakers in Romania and Moldavia. It's a romance language, proceeding from the Latin language.

Conjugate a Romanian Verb

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To get: Enter: Sample verbs
ă a( za(cea equals zăcea
â a> ca>nta equals cânta
ş S Sti equals şti
ţ T Tine equals ţine

Top 10 Romanian Verbs Conjugated

  1. fi
  2. avea
  3. cânta
  4. veni
  5. vedea
  6. merge
  7. şti
  8. iubi
  9. face
  10. pune

Notes on the verbs

Romanian map and flag Romanian verbs are divided into four conjugation groups according to the ending of the infinitive: 1. -a (e.g., cânta 'sing'), 2. -e (include), 3. -ea (e.g., avea 'have') and 4. -ire (e.g., citi 'understand'). (Cf. Italian)

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