Language draft and verb conjugation

Unserdeutsch is A language of Papua New Guinea.It is spoken by around 100 people. The language is spoken in East New Britain Province, Rabaul.

Unserdeutsch belongs to the Creole languages. The language classification is: Creole, German based. Unserdeutsch is also known as Rabaul Creole German.

All speakers are fluent in at least two of the following: Standard German, English, or Tok Pisin. Some can also speak Kuanua. Most speakers are middle-aged or older, although many younger members of the community can understand it. The descendent of a pidginized form of Standard German which originated in the Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain during German colonial times among the Catholic mixed-race ('Vunapope') community. With increased mobility and intermarriage, it has been disappearing in the last few decades. Grammar. Nearly extinct.

Sample verbs

bauen, bin, denken, drinken, faerben, finden, geben, geht, hauen, hoeren, holen, kann, kaufen, komm, kommt, lesen, muss, schaemen, schicken, weinen, will, wuerden,