Frisian, Northern

Language draft and verb conjugation

Frisian, Northern is A language of Germany.It is spoken by around 10000 people. The language is spoken in Schleswig-Holstein, coastal between Eider river south and Wiedau river north; adjacent islands Föhr, Amrum, Sylt, Norstrand, Pellworm, the ten islands of Halligen group, and Helgoland.

Frisian, Northern belongs to the Indo-European languages. The language classification is: Indo-European, Germanic, West, Frisian. There are the following dialects: Ferring (Fohr-Amrum), Helgoland, Mooringer (Mainland Frisian, Mooringa), Sölreng (Sylt). Ferring dialect is actively used. Not intelligible to Eastern Frisian (See: [[Frisian, Eastern]]) of Germany or Western Frisian (See: [[Frisian, Western]]) of the Netherlands except by a few educated bilingual speakers of Western Frisian. Lexical similarity: 70% between the Mooringer dialect and Standard German (See: [[German, Standard]]), 55% with English (See: [[English]]), 66% with Eastern Frisian (See: [[Frisian, Eastern]]), the Föhr dialect has 69% with Standard German, 62% with English, 68% with Western Frisian (See: [[Frisian, Western]]), 73% with Eastern Frisian, 86% with the Mooringer dialect, 91% with the Amrum dialect; the Sylt dialect has 64% with Standard German, 61% with English, 79% with the Mooringer dialect, 85% with the Föhr dialect. . Frisian, Northern is also known as Nordfriesisch.

Sample verbs

booge, hiire, weese,