Language draft and verb conjugation

Bavarian is A language of Austria.It is spoken by around 7000000 people. The language is spoken in Central Bavarian in the Alps and Lower Austria and Salzburg; North Bavarian north of Regensburg, to Nuremburg and Western Bohemia, Czech Republic; South Bavarian in Bavarian Alps, Tyrol, Styria, including the Heanzian dialect of Burgenland, Carinthia, northern Italy, and part of Gottschee. Also in Czech Republic, Germany, Italy.

Bavarian belongs to the Indo-European languages. The language classification is: Indo-European, Germanic, West, High German, German, Upper German, Bavarian-Austrian. There are the following dialects: Central Bavarian (Danube Bavarian), North Bavarian (Upper Franconian), Salzburgish, South Bavarian. . Bavarian is also known as Bairisch, Bavarian Austrian, Bayerisch, Ost-Oberdeutsch.

SVO; prepositions; genitives, articles, adjectives, numerals, relatives before noun heads; question word initial; 2 prefixes, 3 to 4 suffixes on a word; word order distinguishes subjects, objects, indirect objects; affixes indicate case of noun phrase; obligatory verb affixes mark person and number of subject, other suffixes can mark gender of subject and person, number, and gender of object; causatives; comparatives; CV, CVC, CVV, CCV.

Sample verbs

macha, sai,